I wish to know more about the event?

This is one of our flagship events. This is the 4th Edition 4th Edition of Our Indian Business Women Conference & Awards. We always do it around international Women’s Day and the idea is to celebrate the essence of International Women day and to have a positive impact on all participants. This event is an exclusive gathering Influential , aspiring & Inspiring Women from all domains, industry and departments.

How do I register for the Event?

Submit your details here, You shall receive a mail about your registration confirmation and our executives will reach you for confirmation.

How do I register for Awards?

Only Registered participants can nominate for Awards . Please follow the simple two step to apply for awards Step 1 - Register Step 2 - Awards Our executives will reach you for confirmation

Can I just attend the Event without participating in Awards?


Is it Restricted to Women or Anyone can participate?

No , it's not restricted to Women only! And Yes! It will indeed be our honor to have men participate in a forum like this. Huge respect to the person exploring this option.

What is the Registration Fee?

1st Early Bird: INR 2000/- + Taxes (Before 12th Feb 2021) 2nd Early Bird: INR 3000/- + Taxes (Before 26th Feb 2021) Standard Pass: INR 5000/- + Taxes

What needs to be submitted for Award Nomination?

Depending on the category in which one is willing to apply, we will need a supporting document. The document can highlight the person's work experience, professional background, Current responsibilities and why she is selecting that specific category for Awards. Why should we select her as a winner and what makes her different from other candidates.

Is there a Standard Format for Submitting the Supporting Documents?

There is no standard format so you can be as creative as possible. The length of a PDF file should be three pages with a font size of 12 And a PowerPoint presentation can be of 20 to 25 slides, Max. It will include your achievements of this year and last year mentioning ‘Why’ would you like to nominate for the specific category.

Can I nominate myself for multiple categories?


Is there a separate fee for each category?

No, people can nominate themselves under multiple categories. However, Individual and Company categories have separate commercials.

Can we nominate an Individual and a Company under the same nomination?

No, Individual and Company categories have separate commercials.